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The Dibble Family


The first generation arrive at Aldwick Farm 


The story began with the Dibble family moving to Aldwick Farm. Betsey Lillian
Dibble, grandmother of Carole, Chris and Sandy, was born at the farm that same
year. Seen here the youngest sibling of Fredrick, Louise and Ida.

Dibble girls


The Dibble Siblings


Frederick, Louise, Ida and Betsey seen here outside the farmhouse at Aldwick.

Dibbles marriage


The second generation 


Our Betsey Dibble, married Herbert Watts. They had 4 children:
Herbert, Dennis, Raymond and Lillian.

Young Dennis


Farming in the blood


Dennis Watts was born June 27th 1935.   

Dennis and Mary's wedding


The 3rd generation 


Dennis Watts married Mary Hathway.
They moved into Aldwick and together built a successful farming business.


may and dennis


From tenants to owners


Prior to this year the family had only been
tenants on the farm. Dennis and Mary purchased the farm.

The young family at Aldwick Estate


The fourth generation 


Carole, Chris and Sandy Watts, the children of Dennis and Mary all enjoyed
a memorable upbringing at Aldwick.



From father to son 


Chris became the next custodian of the farm. His entrepreneurial spirit took the
farm in new directions. Aldwick became home to ACF Hospitality.

Picking grapes at Aldwick estate vineyard


Changes a foot


Chris’s enjoyment of wine and personal connection with South African
vineyards inspired the 2008 creation of our first vineyard, Homefield.

The barn before renovation


The need for development


With help of a DEFRA scheme and his sister Sandy, Chris started construction
on building a visitors centre and venue replacing the old farm building.

About Aldwick Estate


Sandy Luck takes over the helm


Chris was tragically killed in a helicopter accident in late July 2011. Appointed
a trustee of his estate, sister, Sandy Luck, took over the running of the Estate.

New barn exterior at Aldwick Estate


Completion of the new venue 


The venue was launched in April of this year. The first wedding took place shortly afterwards.

Aldwick Estate rose wine


Aldwick wines are a winner


Mary’s Rose, named after our own Mary, receives Aldwick’s first wine awards.

Carole and Howard


Home Sweet Home 


Carole and her husband, Howard, set plans in motion to return to the
family business after living and working in Spain for 25 years.

Wine selection at Aldwick Estate




Time to re-brand from Aldwick Court Farm & Vineyard to Aldwick Estate

Will, Ollie, Jess

Present Day

The fifth generation 


Sandy’s children William, Oliver and Jessica Luck. To be continued ….?