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Grape Varieties:  38% Bacchus  /  32% Madeleine Angevine  /  30% Seyval Blanc
Style: Well-balanced acidity, fruit led with a delicate light body, medium acidity
Colour: Pale lemon green
Nose: lemon and grapefruit
Palette: Gooseberry and passionfruit with floral notes of elderflower and ripe pears
Vineyard:  Homefield & Woodlands
Harvest: September / October 2017
Bottled:  21.03.18
Winemaker:  Steve Brooksbank

We have called it Buteo, which is the scientific classification for the common buzzard: Buteo buteo. Our buzzards keep watch over the vineyards, protecting the grapes. Their aerial manoeuvres over the Woodlands field are entrancing to watch.

There is one buzzard, who always appears in difficult times.  Afterwards, things get better. I noticed this in 2011 when I was eight.  I had just lost my Uncle Chris, who planted the vineyards. I told my Mum the buzzard was the spirit of my beloved uncle and that he was also keeping watch over us. – Oliver Luck aged 11 (2014)

2019 Taste of the West Awards – Gold

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