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Grape Varieties:  70% Pinot Noir | 30% Regent
Style:  Light to medium bodied
Colour:  Pale ruby
Nose: Cherries| Plums | A hint of strawberry
Palette:  Herbaceous finish | Soft rounded tannins
Vineyard:  Woodlands and Homefield
Harvest:  Pinot Noir 2016/2017 | Regent 2016
Bottled:  30 March 2018
Winemaker:  Steve Brooksbank
Awards: First release 19th August 2018


An adynaton is a figure of speech depicting something so unlikely as to verge on the impossible. Vineyards in Great Britain? English red wine? Any prospect in late July 2011 that Aldwick’s recently planted vines might thrive, much less produce internationally accredited wine? Pigs might fly!
Single-minded determination can confound naysayers. The will to succeed can triumph over adversity. Aldwick’s logo epitomises our ascent: a heraldic pig with elevated wings.
Flying Pig is a “vin de soif” – a wine for thirst. This light-hearted blend of carefully selected Pinot Noir and Regent grapes, briefly rested in French oak barrels for optimum refreshment, is best served slightly chilled.

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