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Aldwick Mary Rose

Mary’s Rose – Out of Stock


Grape Varieties: 25% Pinot Noir, 25% Regent & 50% Solaris

Style: Aromatic

Colour: Rosé

Nose: Sweet fruit

Palette: Pineapple

Alcohol Content: 12%

Harvest: September 2020

Bottled: March 2021

Winemaker: Steve Brooksbank

Vegetarian and vegan friendly

In October 1957, Mary Joyce Hathway came to Aldwick Court Farm as the beautiful bride of Dennis Watts. Farmer’s wife and mother of three, she developed a popular Bed & Breakfast business and the tradition of genial hospitality that endures. Through joint endeavour, Dennis and Mary not only purchased the farm where his family had been tenants, but also extended its holdings. In 2007 Mary entrusted the farm to her only son, the late Chris Watts, who conceived the plan for a vineyard. Her much-beloved gardens, subsequently neglected but now under restoration, often give rise to the observation: ‘If there was one spare foot of soil, Mary planted a rose’.


Out of stock