Vineyard Tour & Tasting Dates

“thoroughly enjoyable insight into the complexes of English wine-making”

Tours run through until Wednesday 30th October. Tours will take place most Wednesdays and most Sundays. Places must be pre-booked

Our Wednesday Tours will take place at 12 noon and 2.30pm
Our Sunday Tours will take place at 12 noon, 2.30pm and 4.30pm.

Third party vouchers cannot be redeemed online.
If you wish to redeem an external Voucher (e.g Acorne/Virgin Experience/Activity Superstore), please call the office on 01934 864404 to book in your experience, ensuring you have your voucher to hand.

External vouchers need to be redeemed by their expiry date, and must also be taken BY the expiry date. To extend your voucher please contact the voucher company directly.

2019 Tour & Tasting Sessions
May 2019
August 2019

Sunday 4th August: 12 noon
Sunday 4th August: 2.30pm
Sunday 4th August: 4.30pm

Wednesday 7th August: 12 noon
Wednesday 7th August: 2.30pm

Sunday 11th August: 12 noon
Sunday 11th August: 2.30pm
Sunday 11th August: 4.30pm

Wednesday 14th August: 2.30pm

Sunday 18th August: 12 noon
Sunday 18th August: 2.30pm

Wednesday 21st August: 12 noon
Wednesday 21st August: 2.30pm

Sunday 25th August: 12 noon
Sunday 25th August: 2.30pm
Sunday 25th August: 4.30pm

Wednesday 28th August: 12 noon
Wednesday 28th August: 2.30pm

September 2019

Sunday 1st September: 12 noon
Sunday 1st September: 2.30pm
Sunday 1st September: 4.30pm

Wednesday 4th September: 12 noon
Wednesday 4th September: 2.30pm

Sunday 8th September: 12 noon
Sunday 8th September: 2.30pm
Sunday 8th September: 4.30pm

Wednesday 11th September: 12 noon
Wednesday 11th September: 2.30pm

Sunday 15th September – NO TOURS OR LUNCHES

Wednesday 18th September: 12 noon
Wednesday 18th September: 2.30pm

Sunday 22nd September: 12 noon
Sunday 22nd September: 2.30pm
Sunday 22nd September: 4.30pm

Wednesday 25th September: 12 noon
Wednesday 25th September: 2.30pm

Sunday 29th September: 12 noon
Sunday 29th September: 2.30pm
Sunday 29th September: 4.30pm

October 2019

Wednesday 2nd October: 12 noon
Wednesday 2nd October: 2.30pm

Sunday 6th October: 12 noon
Sunday 6th October: 2.30pm
Sunday 6th October: 4pm

Wednesday 9th October: 12 noon
Wednesday 9th October: 2.30pm

Sunday 13th October: 12 noon
Sunday 13th October: 2.30pm
Sunday 13th October: 4pm

Wednesday 16th October: 12 noon
Wednesday 16th October: 2.30pm

Sunday 20th October: 12 noon
Sunday 20th October: 2.30pm
Sunday 20th October: 4pm

Wednesday 23rd October: 12 noon
Wednesday 23rd October: 2.30pm

Sunday 27th October: 12 noon
Sunday 27th October: 2.30pm
Sunday 27th October: 4pm

Wednesday 30th October: 12 noon
Wednesday 30th October: 2.30pm